Reely Informative

May 29, 2022 - Headwaters/ Fellsmere

The last two weeks at Headwaters has been different.  Summer is here and the fish numbers are down. Wind and hot temperatures have warmed and dirtied the water. It should clear back up with some calm days.

We are including a few things that might make your trip better. Going to keep it short as possible so if you have questions let us know. We have found that the bass are hunkered down and only get active a couple of times a day and for only a few minutes. The bass are on vacation as well. My strategy is to slap them in the face and cover a lot of water. I don't do slow right now. Slap them in the face, get the reaction strike one they don't have time to think about. The trap has been golden and braided line a must. Long cast out in the hydrilla beds contacting the top of the vegetation and ripping it when you catch grass and that’s what is triggering the strikes. Cotton Cordell`s hot spot clears the best l think because it runs nose way down and doesn’t seem to catch as much hydrilla Rayburn Red has been good. Soft swim baits 6 or 8 inch with a weighted hook and very weedless is getting some good fish, I like the blade on hook just for a little more flash and vibration. Houdini has been good whatever size you choose. Slow crank it pausing it once in a while, get down in the weeds and wake them up. I concentrate on BIG bass so I usually use large baits.  But I also catch lots of two-pound range bass on a nine-inch bait so don't be afraid of size and you have a much better chance of your personal best. When I can throw a large hard bait over vegetation, I love to do that, and it has produced some of my largest bass. It's like throwing a soft swim bait but not as boring because of the slight tension and works!  Don't be afraid of size. It is amazing how many smaller fish you will catch on large baits.

That’s my two cents, hope it helps ..PS we have talked to several people fishing shiners lately who have done poorly, "they are like dynamite, you still have to know where to throw them.”