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Almost a Century of Experience

Founded more than 30 years ago by Bass Fishing Legend John Fox, Florida Trophy  Bass Fishing Guide Service continues to provide the a legendary bass fishing experience.

Now spearheaded my Professional Bass Angler and Guide Jim Noble, who started his "professional" bass fishing career as the editor of American Angler Magazine with the Legendary John Fox in the late 1970's.  Along with being the Editor

of American Angler Magazine, Jim

began competing in in bass fishing

tournaments hosted by American

Angler, and later the Bassmaster

Tournament Trail. From fishing

professionally or for fun, to 

designing lures and then later

passing on his passion for fishing 

to his own children, Jim Noble has

a lifetime of bass fishing and 

guiding experience all over the U.S.

JIm Noble

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Nate Noble

Our Fishing Destinations

Not only do we fish the best and most legendary bass lakes and inshore salt water locations in Florida, we go to where the fish are biting!

Fellsmere Reservoir/ Headwaters Lake

Stick Marsh/ Farm 13

Lake Garcia

Lake Okeechobee

Indian River

Lake Garcia

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Joe Coogan